Trivver and Immersive Entertainment, Inc. Announce Partnership to Explore Integration of Extended Reality Technology within Virtual Universe.

June 26, 2018 09:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--Trivver and Immersive Entertainment, Inc. today announced a partnership to explore the integration of Trivver’s patented Extended Reality Technology within Virtual Universe, its next-generation Virtual Reality MMORPG platform.

Virtual Universe (VU) is an epic MMORPG story-driven adventure set within a living Virtual Reality world. The game focuses on maximizing engagement over a multi-year storyline and encourages users to play, socialize and create. Its freemium model supports an innovative economy that empowers users to monetize their efforts in-game.

Current 2D advertising methods (pop-ups, banners, video and interstitials) are often highly disruptive to immersive XR experiences. With Trivver’s suite of patented technology, including its core Smart Object Technology, brands and creators will have the capability to deliver smart, native advertising directly into the Virtual Universe platform.

“This cooperative represents a natural evolution of XR entertainment. Virtual Universe is a landmark in entertainment -- a living destination filled with rich interaction, social engagement and creation, all against the backdrop of a grand adventure. Trivver’s unique technologies provide a framework for major brands to participate in the platform and the player’s experience in a way that is seamless and natural. Most importantly, for the player, this experiential form of advertising represents a future of discovery and interaction that is unobtrusive and fun. It’s a win for the brands and a win for the players.” said Ciaran Foley, CEO of Immersive Entertainment, Inc.

“We believe in the exponential possibilities of XR and in the profound, lasting and global impact of this technology,” said Joel LaMontagne, CEO of Trivver. “We are passionate about driving XR adoption among consumers and within the enterprise. Our goal is to enable publishers and developers in the XR space to fund themselves through advertising and encourage the improvement of technology that enhances XR experiences for consumers. We’re also making it easier for advertisers to promote their brand in the XR space through seamless product placement – delivering relevant and interesting content to engage their users.”

About Trivver

Trivver is the premiere advertising exchange for Extended Reality (XR) environments – 3D, virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality. The Trivver platform makes creating and deploying 3D interactive branded objects easier, allowing brands to programmatically execute targeted, impactful and scalable XR campaigns.

Trivver’s revolutionary, patented Branded Smart Objects (BSOs) are 3D objects that exist as ads within the natural setting of 3D environments. BSOs are designed to autoscale and render in any XR platform – enabling advertisers to seamlessly and organically engage multiple audiences without additional development time or financial investment.

The Trivver XR Ad Exchange (XRAE) is a programmatic solution that lets advertisers create, run and monitor a highly targeted XR ad campaign in near real time, on mobile apps and desktop applications. Trivver enables publishers to monetize XR environments with branded content that is native and organic – eliminating pop-ups, banners and interstitials that are disruptive to user experience. The Trivver platform facilitates an organic relationship between brand and consumer.

About Immersive Entertainment, Inc.

Irvine-based Immersive Entertainment, Inc. is a leading independent VR software company developing Virtual Universe (VU) an epic MMORPG story-driven adventure set within a living Virtual Reality world. Its freemium model supports an innovative economy that empowers users to monetize their efforts in-game and is powered by a unique technologies that drive advanced engagement with players.

For more information, visit: Trivver and Immersive Entertainment