Immersive Entertainment Exhibits at Siggraph 2015

Immersive Entertainment enjoyed a successful showing and demo schedule filled to capacity at this year’s Siggraph 2015, held in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

With over 14,800 attendees, this year clearly focused on the nascent Virtual Reality market, with an entire VR Village providing space for Immersive Entertainment and other VR-focused companies to share their creations.

“The public and professional reaction to the recent BETA of our Grand Canyon Experience was really encouraging. We couldn’t pry people out of the seat.” said Immersive CCO Jeroen Van den Bosch.

“Ultimately, we are addressing the space very differently than the competition. Our philosophy is to push the limits of VR as its own unique entertainment form. We call this philosophy VRFIRST.” said Immersive Entertainment CEO, Ciaran Foley. “Immersion, resence and emotion are at the top of the list when it comes to what we’re doing. While others look to adapt the form or function of another medium, such as movies or videogames to VR (all very valid approaches) we view it as its own unique artform and language. If we can provide a context in which people can live an experience while building meaningful and emotional memories of their own, we’ve begun this journey on the right foot.  Judging from the way people are reacting to our BETA, this approach resonates.”

In addition to the exhibition, Immersive Entertainment was also featured as part of a Spotlight article in Animation Magazine called “The Growing VR Buzz.”

About Siggraph

“SIGGRAPH (short for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques) is the name of the annual conference on computer graphics (CG) convened by the ACM SIGGRAPH organization. The first SIGGRAPH conference was in 1974. The conference is attended by tens of thousands of computer professionals. Past SIGGRAPH conferences have been held in Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, Boston, Vancouver, and elsewhere across the United States.” (Wikipedia)