Rethink virtuaL REALITY

revolutionizing VIRTUAL engagement

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Our LivingVRTM powered platform makes it easy and fun for everyone to create and share highly engaging Virtual Reality (VR) experiences.

Create, experience and share anything you can imagine in VR. This is much more than gaming, chatting avatars or static environments. This is a living environment where you can explore, play, teach and tell stories without touching a single line of code.

This is LivingVRTM. What will you create?

"Probably one of my favorite things of the entire event."
- Jason Howell, TWiT TV at LAUNCH 2016

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enter the C.O.V.E.

Creating Online Virtual Experiences

C.O.V.E. provides everything needed to create and experience high-quality VR adventures for fun and profit.

Socialize with friends. Game. Tell stories. Visit an existing adventure, create your own trip to Mars, escape room or thrill ride. It's up to you.

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AAA fidelity

Visual elements and behaviors in COVE are strikingly high fidelity and realistic.  Emphasis is placed on maximizing interactivity and immersion.

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You can 'edit' your world without leaving VR. It's easy for non-developers to create rich engaging experiences with no programming.

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Smart objects

Sophisticated AI (artificial intelligence) behaviors govern non-player character behavior, driving maximum realism.



Our proprietary technology dynamically adjusts environments and characters to the user, creating surprising and rich interactions. We call this LivingVRTM



Non-linear storytelling becomes possible with MicroStories, a COVE innovation that allows for guided events throughout an experience.



From basic building blocks, to customized virtual goods and entire experiences, a rich blockchain-based economy allows users to monetize their creations.


Animal behavior is not pre-programmed or scripted.

Each is driven with artificial intelligence, responding
to the environment, player and other elements in the
world, autonomously.


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