Our vision is to create the highest levels of interactive realism in virtual experiences, driven by artificial intelligence. This is Virtual Intelligence.

The WHY of Virtual Intelligence

Virtual (AR/VR) demands a new approach to interaction and interface.  This new approach is being driven by technologies such as speech and artificial intelligence. Immersive Entertainment is pioneering a Virtual Intelligence platform that will help drive the coming wave of virtual applications.


Virtual is Here

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are poised to become the next major computing platform, according to Goldman Sachs Research.

The Promise

Virtual technologies transform the way we create, play and collaborate. They create a visceral, immediate experience unlike any other form of digital interaction.


The Challenge

Virtual technologies have profound effects on participants:

  • Experiences are more immediate and directly affect physical state
  • Participant's sense of time, spatial depth, scale, personal space and motion are strongly influenced
  • A sense of "agency" and "presence" is possible in virtual experiences
  • Emotional and visceral effects on participants is profound

However, current tools and approaches fail to create the type of interactive realism that is truly engaging, emotionally involving and influential:

  • Static environments limit the sense of agency, control and interactivity a user experiences, leading to frustration and boredom
  • Pre-scripted interactions can become repetitive and cause the participant to rapidly lose their sense of presence (and interest)
  • Lack of "agency" in an experience leads to lack of participation

Our Solution

Immersive Entertainment is pioneering an entirely new approach to creating interactive realism in virtual experiences. We are doing this by creating characters and environments that are completely dynamic, driven by artificial intelligence.